Central lost in the fog

You’re walking on uneven lowlands. The soil is damp, cold wind was blowing and no sound whatsoever. Rain began to fall. Fog rolls slowly rising up from below. You go on. When walking, your feet become wet. Increasingly heavy rain and since abut any thicker. You started hearing what sounded like a desisian or squeal. You move on. Fog so thick that you do not see anything. Suddenly, as if there was a scream, scream. Did anyone follow you? It was fur kudukmu standing. You lost – lost in the fog!

    Events like that may happen to you if you walk in the desert moss in England or Scotland. Mossy meadow is wide open barren land. Many mystery authors use the wilderness as a place kejaidan mossy story. One well-known mystery author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes detective story writer.

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