Roof-Top Horses

If you live a few years ago, you would be able to drive a four horse chariot such as those found at the top of the building in the picture below.

    Building was the tomb of King Mausolus. Tomb was most illustrious and made of gold and marble. Perhaps the people who ride the train of war is its consort Mausolus.
    When the king died, the empress ordered that the tomb be made which will be mahsyur and admired throughout the world. Mausolus names still exist today, namely the word “mausoleum”. That means the grave or tomb is located on the ground.
    Mausolus Tomb was built in an ancient town which became a city named Halikarnasus Bodrum in Turkey now. Grave Mausolus been destroyed, but part of a chariot group was successfully saved. You can still see the old train mengunjugni war if the British Museum in London, England.

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