For Builders Palace Laws

Far away there was a palace, in this place you’ll be pleased to play and exult. There are a hundred steps that can be climbed, there is a long hallway to run around, and there is a high clock tower to hide. But it was not a place to play this palace. New Palace of Westminster was the name of the building, in London, England, situated, to make the law useless.

    Not many are people who know that the original name of that building is the New Palace of Westminster and almost everyone knew him as the Houses of Parliament. The British legislators who convene here named a member of parliament.
    Big Ben is the most illustrious names that rang a bell with a low tone. It lies in a giant clock tower and the clock itself is so great that the needle minute longer than the diving board at the pool.
    At night, if you see lights in the Tower Clock, then you know that members of parliament was in session.

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