Depending Garden

Long ago there lived a King Nebuchadnezzar in the country called Babylon. He married a beautiful princess from across the country and bringing them pulag to Babylon, the capital of Babylonia. But the new queen was eventually miss the mountains and country gardens.

    So the king summoned all pertukangannya architects and experts to design the most beautiful gardens in the world ever seen.
    Construction began. King builders to build high walls and porch to lay flowers, fruits trees and fountains. These gardens are gardens highest ever seen. Height equal to thirty-five-story building.
    Without the aid of machine tools, not easy to build the garden. Reefs and rocks that will be used to build walls, terraces and fountains had to be dragged from faraway places.
    In order to keep the green gardens and fountains remain memnacurkan water, water must be pumped from the river which is very far away.
    We do not know the truth of the story, but we do know that the Babylonian Hanging Gardens had ever really existed.
    In Iraq archaeologist found the wells, ditches and vacant warehouses under the land which may be part of garden Depending Babylon. The word “dependent” confusing people because the garden was in fact not dependent, but merely resembles danteras balcony.

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