A Goddess Dwelling

In the past people believed in the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses. The stories we call myths concocted to narrate dea-goddess earlier. The myth that made it easy to explain natural things that humans can not be understood. This myth also explains that the gods had special powers that can be used to help people or harm.

    One is the patron goddess of wild animals. The Greeks called Artemis, while the Romans called Diana. Greeks people built a temple to honor the goddess and his image is placed well inside the temple. The shrine is made of white marble and shimmering golden blessing. The building was so huge that it was said that the temple was “soaring into the clouds.”
    Temple of Artemis, founded more than 2500 years ago was a long time developing. After the temple is completed, people flocked from afar to see this miracle. In later days the temple was destroyed by fire. But such people love to build temples to Artemis so that still more remarkable in that place also.
    Many years later the enemy soldiers had set fire to the temple. But the temple was never rebuilt. Even the Temple of Artemis is not there anymore, you can read it in books – even in the Bible though. Today the ruins of the temple still can you see in Ephesus, Turkey.

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