Magnificent canyon War

In the past two railway companies fight over a big ditch in the Rock Mountains, USA. Trenches in Colorado is named Gorge Megah.

    Magnificent canyon is the only way that can be used to achieve a silver mine near the top of the mountain. So companies began to make mischief railroad who would build the railroad through the gorge. They had a big problem. This canyon is almost half a kilometer deep and very narrow canyon base in some places so as if there was no room for anyone except for the river that flows there.
    A company started to build the railroads in the middle of the canyon. All workers and equipment to be lowered over a cliff with a rope. Then another company closing one of a canyon cliff earlier. Both companies then build a fortress and hire a cowboy and gunman.
    In the afternoon the two men worked to install the rail company. in the evening rolling boulders from the cliffs to destroy rival railroad. They throw his opponent into the river and even equipment used dynamite to destroy each other with their work.
    Finally the owner of the two railroad companies had held negotiations. One of the companies are willing to sell road trains so that tracks can be completed.
    If you never visited that magnificent canyon, you can observe the railroad tracks from the magnificent Gorge Bridge. The hanging bridge across the gorge and is the highest suspension bridge in the world.

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