Lake in the Sky

Suppose you are descendants of the tribe of Uru, you have the Indians. You will live on an island, but not just any island. Island said you have created yourself from a bunch of bamboo reeds.

    Your island can you built in a lake, but not just any lake lake, but lakes in the world that can highest navigable anyone.
    The more you will build a shack your own. You will make the bamboo boat too. You will be fishing for trout early morning – and perhaps at the same time wearing a cap ear warmers for cold mountain air. If bad weather, own handmade reed islands will continue to shake and shake. You will not be ignored because it was normal thing for you. And you will tell visitors that your fathers older than the sun.
    You’ll be living on Lake Titicaca in the Andes, South America, between Peru and Bolivia.

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