Jail Jewels

Usually, the prison is a place to imprison criminals. But in London there is a prison to lock jewel, the “crown jewel” England are very famous and belong to the king or queen.

    Crown jewels are stored in a place called the Tower of London. The tower is actually not consist of one tower, but is composed of several pieces. One of them is the fort. The other is the residence of the royal family and another is in jail. A high wall and moat around the Tower earlier.
    Many famous English people hear the words that they fear “You are punished in the Tower!” And some of them, such as Lady Jane Grey, King Edward V and his brother, the Prince of York, was sentenced to death in the tower.
    In the Tower of London you can see the crown and ring, a stick and ball symbol of power, whips, umbrella and sword and bracelet precious stones. Salt shaker is 30 inches tall and bertahtakan jewels stored here as well. All valuable treasure guarded by the troops, so-called special guards Yeomen Warders, or Beefeaters.

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