Meeting Place Australia

Not yet a hundred years ago in Australia consists of six colonies ruled by England. Then in 1901 the colony was united to form the Commonwealth of Australia.

    Today Australia is an independent state, but became also a member of the British Commonwealth. Group of countries formerly under British rule. Commonwealth Heads of State is Queen Elizabeth II was from England. Thus Queen Elizabeth became the queen of Australia, too. But the Australian people are not ruled by a queen. They chose to invite their own lawmakers are in session at Parliament House in Canberra, the capital of Australia.
    The name comes from the word kanberri Canberra. The word in the native language means “meeting place”. When selected as the capital, “meeting place” that beautiful little tree. As part of the experiment, chestnut, dustpan, defender, betula, Kapasan, balsam, and cypress fans came from all over the world. But people also want the Australian native trees. The tree is the tree they planted GOM, which is the term they give to eucalyptus trees. They also planted a lot of acacias in Australia called Wattle.
    GOM acacia tree becomes very important because it is used to decorate one of Australia’s unofficial badge. Lo acacia branches that form the background of the flowering emblem of Australia. Altogether there are more than a half million trees and shrubs are planted to beautify the capital of Australia.

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