Japanese Leaders

For more than two thousand years Japan was ruled by the emperor and by those who rule to help the emperor. During that time the Japanese people respect the emperor as a god. According to the tale, the emperor was a descendant of the sun goddess, Amaterasu.

    But after World War II Emperor Hirohito declared that this belief is false. Then the people elect a leader who ruled his country. Now that the Japanese emperor was still respected, but he has no power. He was a symbol of the country and the people.
    The Emperor and his family lived in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, capital of Japan. Rakyat commoners can only visit these isatan twice a year, namely on the second day of New Year and the birthday of the emperor.
    Castle surrounded by a moat or a large water-filled ditch. One must cross the stone bridge above the weight when going into the castle moat. You can sometimes see some white geese swimming in the moat.
    At the Imperial Palace is located near the territory of the National Diet Building. Diet means “parliament”. The person elected as a member of the Diet to make laws for the Japanese. They also choose a prime minister who now is actually the “leading” the Japanese.

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