Holy City of Hindus

In the city of Benaras, India, there are more than a thousand places temple worship, called for people to Hinduism.

    Most Hindu temples have a place of worship. Hindus go there to worship. Each main temple has a shrine to a god or goddess is important. One of the most visited temples palng orag is Shiva Temple. Lord Shiva is one of the three most important gods. The two other important gods are Brahma and Vishnu.
    Approximately one million people visit the holy city of Benaras Hindu annually. They come from all over India. Before praying at the temple, they descended the stairs Ghats or the way to the River Ganges. They believe that if they bathe in the river, all his sin will be abolished. The lame and the sick go to the river hoping to bring healing water.
    All Hindus believe that if jenzah or ashes of the dead entered the river, the Ganges will transport them to eternal happiness.

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