On the Mount

When the flag waving in the day, this means they’re in session. However, if the red light flashes on top flagpole at night, this means they have to go home.

    Who are they? They are the legislators of Canada. Group of legislators are members of the House of Commons and they called the commoners. Group of legislators are members of the Senate and they are called senators. Commoners and senators met in a building called House of Parliament at Parliament Hill, Ottawa.
    One of the high battlement Parliament House and is known as the Peace Tower. This is where the flag was raised and the lights lit. Tower of Peace has also a large clock and a lot of bells. The smallest bell weighs approximately equal to the weight of newborns, while the largest bell weighs more than the weight of three whales. Sometimes the bells were playing songs, but no matter how many songs are played, the second last song was always “Oh, Canada “and” May God Protect the Queen. “

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