Giant sky scraper

Building on the image the sky like a giant towering mighty. 110 high-rise building that is 443 meters. This is a giant skyscraper Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois, and is the tallest building in the world.

    Planning Sears Tower only takes about three years. Then required four years and millions of dollars to build. This building looks like-nine towers of different height, but grouped into one.
    In order for all workers and visitors can be accommodated, the Sears Tower has more than seven hundred lobby and elevator. Four of the lobby was so high that the sky is called the lobby.Sky lobby had been serviced by an elevator story, two elevators built on top of one another. Each elevator can seat 25 people. If this story elevator stops, lifts up on one floor, while the elevator down at the ground floor. That’s what happens in the sky lobby on floor 33 and 34 and floors 66 and 67.
    You can use one of the two elevators that would slide upward toward the sky deck on the 103rd floor. This trip takes less than a minute. From the observation deck you can look at city of Chicago and the surrounding area from above.

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