Big Stone Tents

Keops is an ancient Egyptian king who wanted a place of wake after death. So he then ordered the people to build a large pyramidal stone house. Pyramid bit like a big tent. Basic pyramids are almost the same extent with ten soccer fields. And peak stinggi stairs with more than eight hundred of the stairs.

    How did people build the pyramids? They do not have a truck, towing or bulldozers for help. Each stone weighed with four cows. How did they transport the giant stones to the top of the pyramid? Perhaps the stones had been pushed upwards with a sledge up the ramp. I do not know. What we know is that it takes twenty years to build the pyramid.
    Now we can build the Great Pyramid is in less than one year.
    Great Pyramid in Egypt are still standing. People come from all over the world to see the great miracle that made more than four thousand years ago – the only wonders of the ancient world that still stand upright today.

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