Without Echo

If you speak or sing in front of an audience and your voice echoing, the words that you say would collide. This is bad because people do not understand what you say or sing.

    Musician-great musician of the world love to sing and play the play in a place that does not resonate. If a plucked stringed violin violinist once, he wanted to hear a “tink” instead of “ting, ting.”
    The designer of the auditorium and opera house called the study of acoustics. Acoustics Sciences helping people to recognize the sound and how to control it.
    A place renowned for its excellent acoustics the church is the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Tabernacle roof similar to the bowl face down. Large building timber cut or curved to form the curved roof. Timbers had been put together with large wooden spikes.
    If you dropped the needle on the floor of one end of the Mormon Tabernacle building, people will hear a “ting” on the other end. That is meant with good aksutik.
    Maybe this is why so many people love to hear the organ or choir in the Mormon Tabernacle.

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