Do not Want Extinct, Man Must Search for Other Planets

World are often threatened by the destruction that could destroy mankind. World of physics expert, Stephen Hawking suggested that humans navigate the space immediately and seek another planet as a new place to live if do not want to become extinct.

In an interview with a page of Big Think, Hawking believes in the period of one hundred years into the future, let alone thousands or millions of years from now, Earth will experience a major disaster that could destroy mankind. Therefore, humans pushed to immediately search for other habitable planet in order to anticipate the destruction. Like”do not put all your eggs in one basket, people also should not stay on one planet,”he said.

Hawking saw stout major threats to human existence. In the past, he mentioned, one of which is in the Cuban missile crisis in 1963 that almost dragged the United States and the Soviet Union of nuclear war. Looking ahead, he saw, the potential for war by using weapons of mass destruction is growing stronger. ”But I’m optimistic, if we can avoid disaster during the next two centuries, our species would be safe because we spread into space,”he said.

According to experts, whose name is legendary, humans are intelligent creatures that can survive in the galaxy. Humans must be able to survive and ensure the continued life. He again reminded that humans are now entering a period of increasingly dangerous. Residents of the earth will use the increasingly limited resources.

Worse, selfish and aggressive instincts of man’s so thick. So, this would be quite difficult to avoid disaster in the next hundred years, especially for the size of a thousand or a million years. ”The only chance a long-term continuation of human life, not to remain on Earth, but spread out into space,”the message.

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