The fortress is Not Functioning

You must travel 160 kilometers per hour for two hours in order to reach the end of a row of forts along the eastern border of France. And to build a row of the fort before, you have to pay two million dollars every day starting from January till about the end of July .

    That fort called the Citadel Row, and given the name Andre Maginot Maginot, a hero of France in World War II. Rows of Maginot Fortress built after World War I and before World War II to protect France from German attack.
    Along this line of Maginot Fortress French soldiers have to ride the elevator to descend to their living quarters in the basement. They push the bike through the tunnel between the castle when should convey a message. And another one to transport supplies through a special railroad located in the basement.
    Now most of the basement of the fort was already a bunker. Canadian Air Force menyimpn materials and supplies in other parts of the castle became one of the radar station.
    According to this fort perkiraanmu would really be able to protect the French. But in World War II France was not helped by the Maginot line of the Citadel because the Germans went around it.

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