Regulated Lion – Human Headed

Does the human body and the head of a lion? Satan? Creepy creatures? Wrong! The correct answer is one of the statue-like creature that creeps numerous in Egypt. Sculptures of this kind is called sfinks. Sfinks large in Giza, Egypt, is one of the largest and most illustrious sculptures among other sfinks. This is why it is called the Great Sfinks.

    Large Sfinks made almost 5000 years ago when Khafre became king of Egypt. Head of the statue had been carved so much like the king’s head, while the body of a lion symbolizing strength. Both the head and body carved on the stone Rock hard. Claws and legs made of stone blocks. This giant statue 20 meters high and more than 70 meters long. He stood guard the road to the pyramid of King Khafre built.
    Big Head had never defaced Sfinks more than once by people who enjoy destroying things. During the centuries of desert sand storms that come erode some rocks. Often buried in the sand bottom Sfinks. However, his impression will sekan-nothing in this world who really can destroy the Great Sfinks earlier.

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