Ancient Greek triumph

Atop a hill high above the city of Athens stands the ruins of a temple which had amazing people. This famous temple called the Parthenon, while the Acropolis hill.

    Acropolis was the center of religious activity of ancient Athens. On top of this hill the Greeks build the Parthenon roughly 2500 years ago. Amazing temples they built to honor Athena parthenos, protector goddess of Athens. Inside the temple is placed a giant statue of Athena made of gold and ivory.
    When Greece became a Christian country, Parthenon converted into a church. Later on the Turks conquered Greece and changed the Parthenon into a mosque. But in time of war, the Turkish gunpowder store here. Powder gunpowder exploded and destroyed the Parthenon.
    Years later Mr. Elgin, a British nobleman, came to visit Athens. He sent home some marble statue from the exterior of the building. Marble statue of the famous so-called Elgin was still able to be seen in the British Museum, London, while the other wealth stored in the Museum Acropolis, Athens.
    Parthenon was bare, broken and worn out now. But the extraordinary grandeur will cause you to think about triumph of Greece in ancient times.

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