Lost City

People say that the city could not be found. A young American named Hiram Bingham several times trying to find it, but to no avail. Other people who had tried before him did not work either.

    Hiram did not give up easily. He wanted to find the one that built a town lost Inca Indian tribes hundreds of years ago although he had to climb hundreds of mountains.
    Peruvian Inca Indian tribes mastered more than four hundred years ago. It is said they built cities near the top of the mountain. Years later people still hear stories about the city before, but nobody can find it. Inca city is there ever? Hiram sure that the city is there, so he decided to prove it. Then he began to climb the mountain again.
    Near the top of the mountain is Hiram saw something in the bush. What he saw turned out to buildings, walls and stone temples. All of this is the ruins of the city! He then entered the building of large stones placed close together without mortar bonded with this. What connects one building to another building is the stairs instead of the road.
    Hiram Now know that this is definitely one of the lost Inca city as it fits with the caption read. No one knows the name of the city. So he then called Machu Picchu, or “Old Peak”, according to a nearby mountain peak.

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