Climbing Mount Fuji

There are people who climb the mountain because there was gnung. There’s more to climbing just because they want to have fun or adventurous. But there are people who climb Mount Fuji, the highest mountain in Japan, with other reasons than others. These people are adherents Sinto religion, a sect or religious group is the oldest in Japan. For those of Mount Fuji is a sacred mountain and climb this mountain is a pilgrimage, too.

    Sinto pilgrims wear special clothing when hiking. They wore a white tunic, or a kind of coat and wore straw sandals. They bring umbrella to protect yourself from the sun and a stick for easy climbing. They also read a prayer, including prayers for good weather in the mountains because the weather on Mount Fuji is not always right for climbing. In winter the snow covered mountains and the more difficult the climb. This is why many people wait until July and August. In the months that the snow disappeared except at the peak top. Sometimes people wait until night came to avoid the summer sun.
    Hikers can rest and eat in stone cabins along the journey. Approximately the middle of the mountain known as “the borderline of heaven and earth.”At the top of the mountain there is a large crater that can you because the mountain is surrounded by volcanoes. Nevertheless, people do not have to worry if Mount Fuji erupted. Mount it to sleep for about 150 years, but sometimes from the crater cracks out of steam.
    Japanese people familiar with Mount Fuji as a Fujiyama or Fuji-san. Fuji can mean “fire”, “no death” or “never die”, both Yama and san meaning “mountain”. No matter whether the mountain was called Mount Fuji, Fujiyama or Fuji-san, but especially when we are on top at the time the sun dawning, it is easy to understand why this beautiful mountain is considered sacred by so many Japanese.

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