Water in Water Everywhere

You may know how you get your name. But do you know how the oceans and the sea get its name?

    Pacific Ocean was named by Ferdinand Magellan, a Spanish explorer nationality. When Magellan sailed the ocean was calm. However, this does not mean that the Pacific Ocean is always calm. Raging wind captured and tossed into the ocean waves of the Pacific coast throughout the year. Perhaps never before Magellan encountered fierce wind storm there.
    Atlantic Ocean was named by the ancient Romans. In ancient times people think that the Atlas Mountains in Africa is the world’s end. And because the ocean was situated beyond the mountains, they call the Atlantic Ocean.
    Dead Sea in Israel and Jordan obtained its name from musafirzaman first. There they see a bird flying over the sea so they thought that the toxic air above the sea. But now we know that the birds do not fly over the sea was because there was no food there. Fish can not live in the Dead Sea and only a few plants growing in the water because the Dead Sea was too salty.
    LRed Sea between Africa and Asia, probably given that name because of the following reasons. Mountains near the sea had reddish color. Coral reefs and marine algae and small animals in the water red as well.
    Black Sea situated between Europe and Asia is so called because in winter a thick fog made the water dark and murky.
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