Given Names Islands A King

A long time ago a wise and wealthy king named Solomon ruled over Israel. Solomon wanted to honor God by building a beautiful temple. This development requires several years, but the result will be a great building made of white marble and pine wood leban. Gold is used to decorate the carvings of angels, trees and flowers at the door. High poles were carved with gold. At one end of the building stood two large wooden carvings of angels. It is decorated with golden angels. It is said that all the gold was worth billions of dollars.

    Hundreds of years later, winning the Spanish explorers who named Alvaro de Mendana find a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. He named it the Solomon Islands. Maybe he wanted to make people think that the countrymen in the islands there are a lot of gold. Gold was discovered in the Solomon Islands, but not enough compared to the amazing wealth owned by King Solomon in the Bible.

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