Volcano in Rear Garden

“The ground was hot and nearly burned my leg! Increasingly hot it feels the ground beneath my feet at this! “

    That’s what farmers thought that named Dionisio Pulido when he plowed cornfield near Parícutin, Mexico.
    Suddenly the ground began to tremble and crack. And  smoke and steam blasting from a hole in the ground.
    Dionisio ran towards the village and warned residents that there are horrible creatures in the garden corn. Of course, the horrible creature does not exist. there is a mountain of a newborn.
    The mountain was belching ash, steam and molten rock from the ground so that the whole field Dionisio buried by it.
    The mountain continued to grow during the spring and summer so the building height exceeds the highest in the world.
    Parícutin villagers forced to flee in order not buried lava. Mountain continues to grow increasingly larger and larger until fill in another city. By day the sky was black with ash. At night the sky looks red because the Marine spark lit a fire and because the rocks are melted.
    From year to year, the volcano continues to grow into a big Parícutin sehungga into a mountain, and finally stopped growing.
    Mount Parícutin’m calm now. In just ten years the mountain was to be big enough so that there is a as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

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