The Princes of Andorra

Long ago there was a Spanish nobleman who decides to give up his country to the others. Small country of Andorra is governed these. It is located high in the mountains Pirenea, between Spanish and French. So for several hundred years the Spanish bishops ruled Andorra.

    But at some point the bishops who ruled states ketidaksanggupannya to defend this small nation. He begged the help of a Spanish nobleman. It was later a member of the Spanish royal family was married to the French royal family. Shortly later, a French nobleman states will govern Andorra. Uskup Spanyol tidak sepakat. Spanish bishops disagree. How the problem was solved? They both became the prince of Andorra and rule together! But the people allowed to vote councils that set some local law. That was the situation since then. General Council meeting in the Capital Building in the Valley of Andorra.
    Today the princes of Andorra is the President of France and the Bishop of Lerida, Spain. According to custom each year people gave gifts to the two leaders in rotation. President receives 200 dollars; Bishop approximately eight dollars. Yet every year the bishop received also six ham, cheese balls 12, 12 and 12 Spotted chicken pieces are then handed to the poor in Spain.

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