Honey For Hair

Long ago there lived a great teacher and healer. He was considered very wise that was given the title of Buddha – which means “The Illuminated”.

    According to the story, when, Buddhism still alive, two brothers named Poo and Taupau visited the Buddha and gave him a gift of honey. Then beg to Buddha to be given something, like if you ask dai portraits of famous people. Revoked eight hairs of Buddha and gave it to two brothers earlier. Poo and later Taupau build a place of worship for Buddhists.
    Now if you visit the city of Rangoon in Burma, you can see a place of worship for Buddhists who regarded people as the most beautiful places in the world. The park is named for the Shwe Dagon Pagoda. And Buddhists say that this bell was stored in the eight strands precious Buddha who ever lived more than two thousand years ago.

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