Ancient Roman triumph

People of ancient Rome to meet and mingle in the open markets, called the forum. The most important forum is the Forum Romanum or Roman Forum became the center of Roman government. Forum Romanum is full of buildings, Plengkung and beautiful temples. Lawmakers convene in the Curia or Senate Building is located at the Forum. Siding court held in the Basilica Julia, while the State archives in Building Tabularium.

    The main roads of Rome, the Via Sacra or Sacred Way, chop Forum Romanum. The generals who won the war with his troops marched on this road through Plengkung Septimus Severus, then take the shortest Forum Romanum.
    After the fall of the Roman Empire, building and monument in the Forum Romanum is slowly collapsing. Finally someone called Cow pasture because it is very quiet. Hundreds of years later the Italian government began to clear the ruins, so that the debris that becomes more attractive, then be made to the park is planted with trees. Today’s bit of the Roman triumph – and the remnants of Forum Romanum – you can still be seen.

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