Formerly a temple Forgotten

When Candi Borobudur was built and who the founders?Archaeological experts estimate that this temple was built around the year 800 Syailendra citizens for 150 years and is a Buddhist pilgrimage center.

    But in the mid-ninth century Syailendra power vanished and the Mataram kingdom collapsed. And cultural center of power moved to East Java. The Borobudur was forgotten. Trees and vegetation cover that temple for hundreds of years.
    In the early 19th century Borobudur captivate Raffles, the head of the British government in Indonesia that time. He ordered Cornelis, subordinates, so this place is investigated. Investigations and improvements continued to be held by the Dutch government and the Indonesian government. In 1983 the Indonesian government managed to restore Borobudur. Aid flows through Unesco of national and international institutions.
    Borobudur truncated pyramid-shaped peak was located at the top of the hill and consists of six square terraces and two circular terraces arranged like a staircase. If the rise and surround the terrace to the top, you’ll go as far as 4.8 kilometers. Plengkung stairs carved stone and patio-terrace connecting. In the square there is the terrace wall of stone blocks carved to narrate life of Buddha and his teachings according to some manuscripts. There are niches that berpatung Buddhism. At the top terrace there is a giant bell-shaped stupa surrounded by smaller stupas.

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