Theatre of Stone

The entire population of the city can not be loaded at once in a theater when watching a movie or a play. Films and plays are usually performed more than once so that everyone who wants watching obtain seats.

    Long ago when the play was first performed in the State that is now called Greece, held only shows once.
    And so everyone who wants to watch a play, the theater had to be quite broad.
    In pictures first shown one of the theater, which Dionysus Theatre. This name is used to honor the god of gods people one time. The word “theater” is derived from Greek words meaning “place to watch”. Stone seats in the theater is somewhat similar to the bench seat football stadium.
    Dionysus Theatre in Athens, Greece, now in ruins only. Pole sticking out between the seats and benches. But this theater ruins remind us of the time when there was shown the Greek dramatist, for example work and Aristofenes Sofokles.

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