Really Bird Canary Islands pledged Kanari Name?

Maybe you think that the islands are full of wild canaries and called Kanari islands must be given this name because the bird had. That’s not true.

    Kanari Isles Beach is located in Morocco, a country in Africa. Long ago when explorers from Spain landed in one of the islands before, they saw a large vicious dog there. And the island he named the island “Canaria” – meaning Island of Dogs. Canaria comes from the Latin word canis means “dog”. So the island’s name comes from the dogs, wild birds obtained its name from the name of this island.
    Round up wild canary population to be trained and sold to various places in the world as a pet bird.
    Harz Mountains in Germany is also the place to train and sell walnuts. Here the “teacher” to train canaries to sing in a typical.

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