Houses Candles

The head and hands from the wax, glass eyes, real hair and body from plaster adorned with clothes really. That is material used to make the statue a “living” collection of Madame Tussaud in London, England. The statues seem to live and sometimes difficult to distinguish the living from this wax.

    House Madame Tussaud dapta you see the Statue of presidents, kings, politicians, athletes, authors, religious leaders, television stars and movie queen.
    You can also step into a dark basement room called Seram and see all sorts of horrible things-murderer who is doing the crime, knife gilotin ready to chop off the head, a mask made of people after they die, a man who was tied to the electric chair and a Another man who was sitting in the chamber menalani punishment.
    Once you see Ceram Room, you can climb the stairs and find a little old lady dressed in black and bespectacled. Once you find him, you will be looking at another statue of Madame Tussaud, the women of this well-known candle maker’s work.

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