Domestic little man

In a book written by Jonathan Swift Gulliver Travel, Gulliver visited the country little man, the land of the pygmies. Gulliver ordinary man, but mistaken for a giant by the little man.

    You will be able to imagine the feelings of Gulliver when visiting the Madurodam, miniature city in The Hague, Netherlands. Everything in Madurodam size twenty-five times smaller than actual size. You can bend and touch the ship at the port or reach the lighthouse lamp and closed by hand. You can jump over the canal and with an express train racing through the countryside.
    The car roared on your bottom when you walk on a modern highway. You are far higher than the cows and windmills. If you telniga tacked to the wall of the church or opera, you’ll hear the music. At night, this small town became deserted. Then the lights will light up at home and on the road. In the field of air circulating tower lights in the sky.
    At the entrance there is a bronze plaque Madurodam. At the billboard is seen George Maduro, a hero of the Netherlands in World War II. Parents Maduro build a mini city had to remember – a place that can be enjoyed by everyone, but especially by children.

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