Apples and Arrows

No one can say with certainty whether the William Tell really ever lived. But he is a national hero for the people of Switzerland. Tale tells of times when an Austrian named Gessler tried to force the inhabitants of the city Altdorf, Switzerland, bent down and respect a hat placed on top of the pile. William Tell refused the order. Then he was arrested. But Gessler says that Tell would be released if it can shoot an apple placed on his own son’s head with a crossbow.

    Tell archery. SSSRET! The arrow split the apple in half without hurting her son. But Tell was ready to shoot Gessler if anything happened to her son.
    Now the statue of William Tell can you see in Altdorf. In the spring of the actors Altdorf earlier stages of life as a Swiss hero which was written by German dramatist, Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller. This three-hour plays you can also see in New Glarus, Wisconcin, during the Labor Day end of pecans.

    William Tell Statue

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