No Wonder If I Wonders

In the past I was a bronze sculpture. My name Kolosus. I stood near the small port of the Aegean Islands. Rhodes island’s name.

    Twenty times the height of tall man, while my thumb so great until you will not be able to hug him. If you can stand on my head, you will be able to see very far into the land and sea on the other side.
    Why am I built? In the past people tried to save their island of Rhodes in the battle against thousands of enemies from across the country. Expectancy for a small win once but every man and wanitany struggle. Finally courage islanders earn rewards when their friend, that Ptolemy, dating help by bringing a strong fleet to save Rhodes.
    Residents of Rhodes very grateful to be rescued so they membangunku to capture a victory earlier. I stood at the harbor for years. The poet wrote beauty and they called me as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The word “colossal” also comes from my name.
    On a day when the earth trembled and shook. The vibration was so great. I collapsed and fell to pieces and could not be reunited.
    Now I’m just a statue called Kolosus from Rhodes who often read about in books. But occasionally found in bits and pieces of bronze which formerly was part of my body.
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