Haunted Castle Interior

A greedy barons of yore confine his future wife on the tower of the castle until the wedding day arrived. Princess continues to seek a pretext to postpone the wedding day with the hope that someone will save him. Finally baron’s daughter told that according to the customs of his native country he had to weave the fabric for wedding dress. baron Then the barons delivered spinning wheel to the tower. But the princess visited not finished weaving so baron became angry. He gave the princess a couple of more days to finish the job. After time ran out, baron asked whether a wedding dress is ready. Princess replied that he did not make a wedding dress but a shroud. Then after finished speaking he leaped through the window of the tower so dead.

    If you have visited this castle during the night, allegedly would sometimes hear a whir of spinning wheel from a tower.
    That’s the legend about Ansemburg Castle in Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a small country of Europe and much less for State of Rhodes Island in the United States.
    In Luxembourg you can find dozens of palaces “haunted”. Stories and legends about the greedy barons and knights, a hidden treasure and the fairies and ghosts told repeatedly by residents of Luxembourg, “Haunted Castle Country.”
    Luxemburg Castell
    Vianden Castell
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