Wisma Great Saint Bernard

High Alps hooded snow is a big obstacle for many countries in Europe. For thousands of years the only road crossing the mountain utnuk is a narrow road on the valley floor. The travelers face many dangers, especially in winter. Snowstorm suddenly drop could lead them astray. If they lay down to rest, they’ll freeze to death. Large clumps of snow that rolled down the slopes of the mountains can load them.

    Almost a thousand years ago Saint Bernard of Menthon build an inn or guesthouse in one of the highest peak on the narrow road between Switzerland and Italy. Lodging was quite spacious and can accommodate three hundred people and this inn eventually became known as the House of the Great Saint Bernard, while she interrupted Sela called the Great Saint Bernard. The monks who live in this inn are devoted to helping travelers. To assist their efforts saved the lives of people, the monks menernakkan, maintain, and train large dogs that are now known as the dog St. Bernard.
    Dogs are most illustrious named Barry. Barry lived more than 150 years ago. Many people believe that the dog had saved approximately forty people. When he died, his skin was filled and used as stuffing that dogs can still be seen in a museum in Bern, Switzerland.
    But time went on since Barry’s life. St. Pedestrian and skier terseat now rescued by helicopter and the German shepherd dog. But now even the dog St. Bernard Bernard is still used in the House. So the monks remain menernakkan and maintain some of this dog. Until now the best dogs from each perindukannya called Barry in honor of the brave who live in the past.

    Every year thousands of people mengunungi Wisma Great Saint Bernard is a gray stone. Of course many people want to see the world famous dog who is now bred and maintained primarily as an exhibition and a pet dog. Despite this dog is not used anymore in the rescue effort, courage, and what it does for thousands of years ago is still remembered for their people.

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