Reef and Underground Space

Try to imagine, you are now in New Mexico sednag flat land riding. Suddenly, a strange black cloud billowed like smoke from the ground up. However, when you bring the horse approached, apparently of smoke you see is thousands and thousands of bats who never stop out of the black hole in the ground. You lit a torch, then crawled to the edge, but the bottom of the hole did not look well, then the torch was thrown off a cliff you. Sparks danced around when the torch strikes the cloth sides. Within, into, getting into the obormu, so that eventually only the tip of a pin. That’s also the experienced by cowboy Jim White when he found it near the Cave of Carlsbad Pecos River in New Mexico.

    Coral and space in the basement there is a fabulous fairy tale that presents the forms of palaces, temples, space, and creepy creatures and fragile ice flower lace.
    That is why the Carlsbad Cave National Park is now used by the Government of the United States.

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