Freedom Statue

One of the greatest sculpture ever made those built in France. When the United States granted to the People’s statue is transported across the Atlantic Ocean. Most people call it Statue of Independence. However, the name was actually just a nickname only. Independence real name is Light of the World. This statue is located in Liberty Island, New York Harbor. Women’s robe symbolizes independence. He held the torch high above his head.

    If the Liberty Island, you can climb the circular stairs and looked at this sculpture out of the window above the crown. At night, the torch makes it special Lamu as if lit. Frederic Auguste Bartholdi was the designer of the statue of this independence. To create this sculpture, formed a large copper plate with a forge and put it on an iron framework.
    If the French, you’ll see a pattern of Independence statue on the bridge of the Seine in Paris

    Liberty Statue, US.                Seine Statue, France

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